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Guss Capital is a multi-strategy hedge fund that classifies itself as lifecycle investors focusing on technology and uses global macro and opportunistic strategies to hedge their long-term investments.

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“Our fund strategy is ‘risk arbitrage’ attempting to solve 

the imbalance created by older anti-risk managers 

who prey upon scared sentiment and who take exorbitant management fees to ultimately not make you any money.”

Fund Overview

Guss Capital offers a specialized range of equity funds that implement our proven investment philosophy. The objective of our funds is to deliver a consistent return profile indicative of our conservative investment style, while also providing investors with unique exposure.

Guss Capital Fund Class A Class B
Minimum investment USD $50 Million USD $1 Million​
Management Fee 0.9% per annum
Performance Fee 15% of net gains (less expenses and any prior period losses) calculated at year end, rising to 25% if the net gains reach or exceed 25%
Redemption Terms Semi-annual on 90 days prior notice
Legal Counsel K&L Gates, San Francisco, California
Administrator Krypton Fund Services (USA) Inc
Auditor Spicer Jeffries LLP
4601 DTC Blvd, Suite 700
Denver, CO 80237

Our Core Values

We are not alone in our belief that these are huge future sticking points both Nationally and Globally. Most importantly, we believe that these markets will produce the most valuable, life-improving, and profitable businesses in the history of the world due to the scale of the technology and the subsequent growth of our collective Global Economy.



We tell the truth to the best of our knowledge. We tell what we know and more importantly what we don’t know.


We work hard to keep our promises so that our investors, co-workers, investee companies and business partners can depend on us.


We keep the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism.


We work hard and try our best to deliver the highest quality of work.


We safeguard confidential information and respect the privacy of our investors, co-workers, investee companies and business partners.


We are loyal to our investors, co-workers, investee companies and business partners. We operate in a seamless web of deserved trust.

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